Amongst all of life’s little inconveniences, a lip blister will find its way into anyone’s list. Also known as cold sores, these fever blisters are usually a small cluster of tiny sores around the mouth and on the lips itself.

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Don’t dismiss these fever blisters either as these are highly contagious.  In adults, you can transmit it by direct skin-to-skin contact as is usually the case with kissing on the lips or cheeks. You can even transfer it to the genitalia through oral sex although it is now more appropriately called genital herpes.  Yes, it is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease that increases your risks for AIDS and meningitis.

In children, a lip blister can be transmitted when the infected child wipes his hands on his mouth and the touches another child with the same hands.  Keep in mind that secretions from the fluid-filled cold sores are as powerful transmitters as direct contact itself.

Adults or children, it is important to know the difference between a canker sore and cold sore for the simple reason that the latter is highly contagious while the former is not.  Knowing which is which can spell the difference between being healthy and being saddled with a virus that went out of control, thus, wreaking havoc on so many lives, yours included (click here to check out an effective cold sore treatment)

Let’s discuss the causes of lip blisters first.  As previously mentioned, cold sores are the result of a virus – the herpes simplex virus type 1, to be exact.  When the virus first attacks, usually during childhood or adolescence, you will experience symptoms like fever, soreness of the mouth and throat, headaches, nausea and vomiting, as well as open sores on the gums and the inside walls of the cheeks.  You will even think that it’s just another throat infection that can be gargled away.

Unfortunately, the virus will stay dormant in the nerve roots of the affected area to be activated by various stimuli.  You can have a recurrence of the symptoms, which usually lasts for 2 weeks, when you are suffering from malnutrition, menstruation and exposure to ultraviolet radiation as well as other autoimmune diseases like cancer and AIDS. In short, you will always have the virus that causes lip blisters and you will not have an immunity against it, as is the case with, say, chickenpox.

The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to lessen the frequency, severity and intensity of the attacks.  You can ask your doctor for proper prescriptions in addition to adopting a few lifestyle habits, as follows:

  • Take antiviral medicines.  You should consult with your doctor about the best medicines, most of which are very effective during the early stages of the cold sore.
  • Apply topical creams with zinc.  You will notice a significant decrease in the frequency of the fever blisters when zinc ointments are used.
  • Go for aromatherapy. You can mix essential oils like rose oil or lavender oil with jojoba oil as the carrier.  Then, directly apply on the blisters.  You may also use tea bags or aloe vera extracts.

An important way to avoid cold sores is to lessen your exposure to the triggers.  For example, if your lip blisters are caused by UV exposure, then avoid the sun as much as possible.

Light Treatments for Lip Blisters

Of all the treatment methods that have been used to treat cold sores however, the method that currently has had the best results in scientific studies to back up its effectiveness is UV Narrowband Light Treatment.

The way this works is that certain frequencies of light have been found to have a healing effect when cold sores are exposed to them.

This may sound a little space age, but the fact is that the technology behind this has been available since the turn of the 21st Century, when a pilot study was carried out in 2001 using a 1072 nanometer waveband light to treat lip blisters.

The study compared applying the normal cold sore creams that all lip blister suffereres are used to applying (such as Aciclovir) with a single 5 minute light treatment with a small, pocket sized light device.

The study found that healing times dropped from an average of 7 days with just the cream, to just 3 days using the light machine, and the outbreak was less severe.

A similar study was also carried out five years later in 2006 that again backed up this finding, that these light machines really are a new weapon in the fight against unsightly cold sores. And real-world users back up that research with their own findings.

I personally bought one of these machines after reading all the research (and frankly being fed up of having lip blisters), and have been amazed with the results.

These really do work.

If you use it when you first feel the tingle in your lip, then you seldom even get a lip blister develop.

Even if you didn’t like science much at school, this is space age stuff that I recommend you check out if you suffer from these unsightly devils, because as well as helping you heal, it guarantees that you can go out in public WITHOUT being self conscious!

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